Mari Noda

Mari Noda, Professor in Japanese and Chair of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at Ohio State University, received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Cornell University. A specialist in East Asian language pedagogy, Professor Noda is primarily interested in curriculum, material development, and assessment.

She directs and teaches in SPEAC (Summer Programs East Asian Concentration), which offers training in teaching of Japanese and Chinese and intensive Japanese and Chinese languages. Her recent publications include A Performance-based Pedagogy for Communicating in Cultures (co-author, Matthew B. Christensen, National East Asian Language Resource Center at The Ohio State University, 2002), Acts of Reading (co-author, Hiroshi Nara, University of Hawaii Press, 2003), Interactive DVD Program Japanese: The Spoken Language Parts 2/3 (co-author, Masayuki Itomitsu, Yale University Press, 2008) and CD-ROM Program for Japanese: The Spoken Language Part 1 (Yale University Press, 1998). Professor Noda serves as the faculty advisor and coach for the OSU Aikido Club and advisor for the Nihongo Osyaberi-kai.